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Vrahos Boutique Hotel Renovation

Vrahos Boutique Hotel Renovation

The interior design, clicks “firmly” the natural and cultural environment of the island. The renovation of the boutique hotel was created by Mind the Ark architecture team, with design principles based on the respect and preservation of geophysical background and the traditional architecture of the island. The suites combine harmoniously the “pure” white of the Cyclades with natural rocky element of the island. The interior design follows minimal line based on open plan, using earth materials such as granite and cement forged. The aesthetic result gives a fluid spatial structure highlighting the plasticity and materiality of the morphological features of the room. Emphasis is given in the interior lighting composing an atmosphere of clarity, “warmth” and intimacy.


April 2014


Case study, supervision, construction


Vrahos Boutique Hotel


G.Agas (engineer), M. Papachristou (architect), F. Balfoussia (architect)


Hotels & leisure housing complexes