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House in Klepa Nafpaktos

House in Klepa Nafpaktos

The project is a two storie-building, located at a village in mountainous Nafpaktia on a plot with steep geomorphology. The ground floor is an 80 m2 space which is designed to function as a cafe-restaurant, while the 77m2 fist floor is designed as an indepedent apartment. the positioning, morphology and contsruction materials of the new building were chosen to follow those of the old building that was previously constracted on the plot and the general style of the built space of the area. The apartment has an immediate access from the upper level of the village square via a ramp for pedestrians, while the ground floor and its outdoor relief are leveled on the lower level of the neighbouring square in order to function as its extension.


Αρχιτεκτονική μελέτη-επίβλεψη


June 2012 – October 2012


In progress


157 m2


Private owner


M.Papachristou-architect engineer, D. Sxinas- civil engineer, Κ.seremeti- civil engineer, Ι.Mourouti-architect engineer