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Cutting edges_bar project_Interieur awards 2014 competition

Cutting edges_bar project_Interieur awards 2014 competition

A “cutting edge” space proposal is represented by a box, like a “capture” image at the time when that box is been “unwrapped”. The spatial form is reeled out like a drawing with light, like a photography which creates a quality that provokes our aesthetic emotions.
The visitor has the role of the photographer. His movement in the space defines the aesthetic context. He is able to decide what to take a photo of, what elements to exclude and what angle to frame the photo.
At the outside, depending at the angle, the viewer has a different perspective of the space. Nobody can anticipate the inside of the shell, provoking mystery and intriguing senses.
All four box angles are folded creating corridor entries and beautiful open – closed shapes. The space invites the visitor to discover, to fold, to cut, to unwrap the mystery box whereas the same time holds him to a break time mood, to live in a freeze moment experience.
Different forms like “captured frames” create a sense that time has paused resulting in different chill out/ sitting areas and the bar facilities.
The box can be smaller or bigger without losing its identity.
The simplicity of the proposal is the key element that leads to a unique theme.


Maria Papachristou
Francesca Balfoussia
Interieur awards 2014


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