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Apartment building in Melissia

Apartment building in Melissia

Study and construction of a new four-storey apartment building, 6 luxury apartments, class A with a basement, basement and roof, modern aesthetics, on a plot of 600.27 sq.m. in the region of Melissia, Attica. The building consists of two apartments on the 1st floor and 2nd floor, one apartment on the 3rd floor and one apartment on the 4th floor.

Synthetically, the residence is developed linearly with an orientation northwest from the side of I. Soranoglou street & northeast from the side of Nik . Plastira street. Plaster, which offers all levels of the building pleasant and useful sunlight, consequently abundant light and heat.

The decoration of the residence is based on the logic of forming a warm space, which gives rise to feelings of familiarity in its guests, with an emphasis on frugality and an open lifestyle.


Architectural study – supervision – construction

Study Time



600.27 sq.m.


Under Construction


Dimitrios Gkrizis – Garyfalia Kotoyla O.E.


M. Papachristou- architect engineer